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D3 Publisher Spelling Mistake Explained

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Japanese game company D3 Publisher chalked up one of the most embarrassing misspellings of 2009: That of the company's own name, D3 Publisher, in a game trailer. There is a reason for that, says the company.


According to a spokesperson, "It was supposed to be 'PURLISHER' with a 'R' there and not a 'P'."


The game, which allows players to get "drunk" with karaoke singing bar hostesses, featured a promotional campaign that played on the idea of pure. The game's official website asked visitors, "Do you have a pure heart?" Nothing says pure like drinking with hostesses!

"Purlisher" is a pun on "Publisher" — not a very good one, and one that would have also been viewed as a misspelling. It has nothing to do with puppy dogs.

However, the spokesperson says he was in Saudi Arabia at the time, and was trying to explain the idea of having the trailer read "Purlisher" via an international call. "Somehow," the spokesperson adds, "it ended up with a 'P'."


【冬休み特集】「ドリームクラブ」2009年を振り返る—イケないドリームエックスクリエイト代表とピュアなスタッフさんにインタビュー [GameSpot Japan]

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So...they typoed their attempt to deliberately typo their own name.

Wow. I mean, I knew D3 Publisher has never been known for quality, but DAMN.