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My first experience with D&D was AD&D 2nd Ed in the early 90s, I never played it more than a handful of times, but I enjoyed the hell out of every session.

I really dig D&D 4th edition, it's very streamlined and they cut out all the BS that slows down the game and frustrates the players and DM alike.

I've been meaning to run a couple 4th ed adventures for my cousins for some time now, but it's hard getting people together.

I've also played quite a bit of Shadowrun with the friends I made after moving up here.

As much as I like both D&D and Shadowrun, my favorite RPG universe would have to be Cyberpunk 2020. (Not the latest incarnation, where they've destroyed everything, including the artistic integrity of the books.)

It was actually my first RPG experience, and the setting really resonated with me.

CP2020 has been the bulk of my roleplaying experience overall. It made me a fan of William Gibson and the genre he more or less created, as well as determining the genre (And sometimes the setting) of the majority of my own literary musings.