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Cyberpunk, The Witcher Look Fantastic Tilt-Shifted

Everything looks a lot more relaxing when you zoom out and slow down

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Flurdeh

Flurdeh is a YouTube channel that takes video games and applies a “tilt-shift” effect to them, turning their bristling 3D worlds into cute little dioramas.

You’ll notice a few similarities among all of them, like the sped-up animations and the reduced framerate, both decisions that really help sell the idea that these videos have more in common with stop-motion animation than with cutting-edge video game clips.


Here, for example, is Cyberpunk, with “its various locations shrunk down and inhabitants waddling around going about their daily lives as if they were little toys.”

And here’s Skyrim, looking more like a D&D game from the distant future than a 2012 video game:

Here’s The Witcher 3, where Ciri’s workout at 1:02 is maybe the coolest thing you’ll see in any of these videos:

And finally, here’s Fallout: New Vegas, showing that its road textures haven’t aged anywhere near as well as Skyrim’s rolling hills:

If you like these there are more at their YouTube channel, for games like Horizon and BioShock Infinite, along with loads of other videos celebrating just how pretty video games can be.


Thanks Kaylee!