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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets "Working" Third-Person Mod

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Cineagle

There’s now a mod available that lets you play Cyberpunk 2077 in third-person on the PC—but be warned, while it works in the most basic, functional sense, it’s not something you’re going to want to be using for any real stretch of time.

The mod, created by Jelle Bakker, can be downloaded here. It lets the player move the camera back from Cyberpunk’s default first-person viewpoint, and allows you to not only move around but, more importantly, admire your outfit in third-person.


It takes a bit of work to get running, and requires some separate code to...load your head. Once everything’s done, if you keep your movements slow and steady, it can look pretty good!

Video: Cineagle

If you move any faster, though, or more suddenly, then things look a little less elegant.

Video: MAD MAX

This is cool, because if The Witcher 3 (or Grand Theft Auto, or Assassin’s Creed, or Red Dead) have shown us anything, it’s that we prefer our open world games to be in third-person, so we can see what we’re wearing and get a better grounding in our surrounds.


But it’s also not cool in that this doesn’t really work, since so much of Cyberpunk, from its combat to its cutscenes to the animation of the player character itself, was designed from the ground-up to be experienced from the first-person perspective, so this mod is more of an occasional thing, not a completely new way to play the game.

If you want to give it a try, you can download it here.