Cyber Monday GameStop Robbery

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Of all the shopping-heavy days in the year, two robbers in Maplewood, Missouri picked Cyber Monday as the likeliest day to do their "shopping" at GameStop in person. With a weapon.


St. Louis news service KMOX News reports that two mean armed with a handgun held up the Maplewood GameStop in Maplewood Commons at about 10:30 this morning. Nobody was hurt and the robbers took only money from the store.

I'm trying to decide if the robbers were using a strategy or not. On the one hand, it's Cyber Monday — so there won't be as many people in the store to potentially foil the robbery. But on the other hand, all the money from Black Friday is probably gone from the store and safely in GameStop's bank account... so how much could they really make off with?


Either way, that's two people getting coal in their stockings this Christmas...

Masked men rob Maplewood video store [KMOX News - thanks, Jason!]

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Uh. I have to ask. What is Cyber Monday, exactly? Is it the day everyone's supposed to emote sex online?