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Cuts Hit X-Play, Show Drops to Thrice Weekly [Update]

Illustration for article titled Cuts Hit X-Play, Show Drops to Thrice Weekly [Update]

Deep cuts have hit G4's flagship show X-Play, sources tell us, and the five-day-a-week program has been cut back to three times a week.


We've heard that us much as half of the staff of the X-Play show have been laid off. We've emailed and spoken with G4 officials, but they were not yet able to answer our questions.

If true, the network must be struggling. X-Play was one of the highest-rated shows on G4 and was just expanded to five days a week in January, 2008.


What began in 1998 as GameSpot TV and then become Extended Play and finally X-Play, was reworked and expanded on Jan. 14, 2008.

The show is hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. In December, 2008 Sessler was promoted to G4's Editor-in-Chief of Games content.


As always take this with a grain of salt until we hear more directly from the company.

UPDATE - G4 has provided us with the following statement, confirming the scheduling change, as well as staff cuts:

G4 is returning AOTS and X-Play to their former production schedules and, starting March 2nd, AOTS will air 4 originals per week and X-Play 3 originals per week. While the company does not comment on personnel matters, we can confirm that producing fewer episodes has resulted in a decrease in staff. Savings resulting from this move will go directly towards producing more original programming in 2009. This is not a budget cut. G4 remains dedicated to these core franchises.

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YEAH!!! Now they have finally freed up more programming space to air Cops 53 times a day!! I love how 75% of the shows that they air are re-runs of shows that have nothing to do with what is supposed to be the network's focal point.

They desperately need new original programming. Code Monkeys was outstanding (I say WAS cuz I am not sure if they still air new episodes or not) X-Play has it's moments but seems to be getting set changes as often as Morgan Web changes hair color. (Go back to black and stay there Morgan!) And for me, AOTS is getting to be almost unwatchable. Olivia Munn does nothing but promote herself and be clueless. She knows NOTHING about gadgets or tech and has no business being on the network other than filling out the Slave Leia and Wonder Woman costumes. I would much rather see Blair Butler co-host the show and do more Fresh Ink segments. At least you can tell that she KNOWS what she is talking about.