"Cutesy Graphics"? Hard Sell, Apparently

Xseed Games, the California-based game publisher and distributor, brings Japanese titles to the North American market. Easier said than done.

Over on the Xseed Facebook page, action role-playing game Zwei!! was requested for U.S. location and release. Zwei!! was originally developed for the PC, but later ported to the PS2.


"Zwei is a well-made charming game, but the retailers aren't too crazy about the cutesy graphics," replied Xseed, "which makes our job a little more difficult."

As game site Siliconera points out, "cutesy graphics" are common in established Japanese franchises. (Hello, Nintendo!) But Western retail might feel more reluctant to take a gamble on unproven games with them.

Because if it's a choice between a heroine with pink hair and blue eyes or a bald space marine, American retail is going to pick the bald space marine. Every time.

Dear Xseed! [Facebook via Siliconera via インサイド via 痛いニューズ]

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