Cute Japanese Sticker Gals Plus GUNS

While in an arcade earlier today, I spotted this sticker picture machine, called "Queen of Pink 2." No big deal. Seen tons of sticker pictures machines while living in Japan and while hanging out in arcades. This machine did have something different, peculiar even. It features a girl (yeah, so what?) holding a PURPLE GUN (bwah?). You'd think that a girl holding a gun on the outside of the sticker picture booth that maybe, just maybe, there's a plastic purple gun inside the sticker picture booth that users can pose with. Nope. Odder still, there's a non-sequitur gun motif throughout the booth. Someone clue me in, are pastel-colored pistols the new thing? Doubt it, but totally kooky. Just remember, Queen of Pink 2 will make you so cawaii. That, or shoot you in the face.


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