Cute Arcade Fighter Gets Not-So-Cute PS2 Port

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Chick fighter Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2, which features classic moe girl archetypes duking it out, looks great in Japanese arcades. On the PS2, it looks less so.


Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 went on sale April 9 in Japan — complete with Hori fighting stick. While screenshots for the AQ Interactive PS2 port showed graphics on par with developer Examu's arcade original, the final product does not. Compounding the problem is that the port is laggy as well.

Above are images from the arcade and the PS2 version. Which is which? If you need help discerning them, check out these clips: arcade version, PS2 version.

PS2「すっごい!アルカナハート2」がすっごい劣化移植で、すっごい話題に [はちま起稿]


That's some pixelation they got going there. Odin Sphere did extremly great pixels, so there is no excuse for this sloppiness.