You can customize your in-game avatar, so why not your better half?

Upcoming Japanese Xbox 360 title My Wife ~ A Bride For You Only ~ lets players customize their wife's appearance, personality, voice, name and more. There are also downloadable voice packs that include well-known voice actresses like Kana Hanazawa and Emiri Kato. Various illustrators worked on the character design, giving each "type" of wife a somewhat varied feeling.


The sort of customization the game offers does not seem anywhere near the degree of customization that your typical massively multiplayer online game offers.

The game offers "love love" mini games as well that include quizzing each other while watching a quiz show together or drinking juice together. Until death do you part!

Xbox360新作ソフト『俺の嫁〜あなただけの花嫁〜』理想の嫁にカスタマイズ! [チラシの裏でゲーム鈍報]

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