Illustration for article titled Custom Punch-Out!! Action Figures Prove Demand For Real Punch-Out!! Action Figures

As part of The Fwoosh's eight annual CustomCon, figure customizer "Fugazi" has created the Punch-Out!! line-up in full, plastic boxer bodies harvested from other toys and repurposed for the greater good. They're all here, from Little Mac to Soda Popinski.


Check out the full gallery at The Fwoosh for detail shots of each classic Punch-Out!! character, including shots of some characters with alternate heads—like the bug-eyed, gut-punched Bald Bull—and Glass Joe is his natural, KO-ed state.

You know, I think we're all set on Halo action figures, toy industry. How about something more Punch-Out!!-ey in the future?


CC24: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! by Fugazi [The Fwoosh - thanks, Dan!]

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