Belgian artist Vadu Amka completely covered a Nintendo 64 with a rock and moss motif to transform the console into an artifact from Hyrule.

He’s modded N64s before, but the painting and the attention to detail on this one is just so realistic, this could be his best looking one yet.

The ancestral gems being very important items for the main quest, I chose to remind their shape under the console’s logo. As a reminder, they are the Kokiri emerald, the Goron ruby and the Zora saphire. The console’s logo was also remade in order to stay close to the saga’s typography. The shield was remolded in resin, for a little bit thinner and angular rendering. The gold aspect for the buttons is worn and shiny to match with the rest of the console, that is rather ancestral. At last, the Triforce is remembered on the game pad.


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