Curt Schilling's unfinished MMO goes up for auction. Initial bidders are being vetted for the remnants of the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO, Project Copernicus, that was in production when Curt Schilling's 38 Studios went under. The state of Rhode Island will sell the property to the highest bidder in November as part of its continuing efforts to dig itself out of the $90 million hole it dug financing the failed developer.


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I really liked Amalur. I dumped a solid 120 hours into it. It was a fun blend of Diablo and MMOs, with a sprawling set of quests and fluid action-heavy gameplay. They made a lot of solid decisions to help players enjoy playing the game (like easily swapping skills and such), though its end game was unbalanced and the level cap was too low.

I really hope someone gets a shot at another Amalur title, or Copernicus, as I think it was a fine first effort for a studio and something that deserves additional titles. To say the lore was rich with opportunity is an understatement.