Curt Schilling Says Amalur Could Still Be a 'Billion Dollar Franchise'

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The collapse of 38 Studios—the game development company founded by all-star pitcher Curt Schilling—became one of the most colossal video game development flameouts ever. But, in a tweet this morning, the former Red Sox player says that the fantasy creation would still be innovative if someone ponied up the cash to put the dev team back together.

The murderer's row of creative folk, the move to Rhode Island and subsequent bankruptcy… the whole affair painted Schilling and his partners in the worst of lights. The one game that 38 Studios did release—the well-received Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning—supposedly needed to sell 3 million copies just to break even. Schilling himself said that the affiliated Amalur MMO wasn't fun but someone working on the game refuted that. The rights to Amalur are still seemingly up for grabs but with such a hapless history behind it, it'd take brave souls to decide to pick up the fictional world's crest.


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I agree with him. Amalur has so much potential, it just needs a good dev and polish to make it shine.