You can learn a lot from a behind-the-scenes movie. Today, I learned that mountains are women, Bardo probably sucks and Buddhist mountain climbers could potentially be the best zombies ever.

Cursed Mountain is a survival horror game for the Wii about a mountaineer searching for his lost brother. It looks creepy and seems to involve a lot of flailing based on Producer Marin Gazzari's playthrough shown in the video. Don't be too skeptical of the motion controls, though β€” if a bunch of mountaineering zombies suddenly jumped you on a frozen clifftop, wouldn't you start flailing?

I love zombies as much as the next girl, but I've got to say I'm more curious about how religious beliefs are addressed in the game. The video doesn't actually say that the main character, Eric Simmons, is Buddhist, so I wonder how our hero will or will not buy into the mythology that drives the plot.

Cursed Mountain doesn't have a definite release date, but supposedly it'll hit shelves this year. Check out the website for more eerie music and other points of interest.

Cursed Mountain: Exclusive Story & Mythical Behind the Scenes HD [GameTrailers]