Cuban Delicacies - Went to a neat Latin American restaurant around the corner and grabbed a bit to eat. They had quite a selection. Best part, though, atmosphere. (Photo by Brian Crecente)

Continuity 2 Would Make Super Mario One Paranoid Plumber

What if Super Mario was locked in a room and the walls kept moving around him?
What if up became down, left became right, the floor below him moved to the right and was replaced with another? More »


Dark Souls Is Only Kind To Be Cruel

For a guy who can't seem to survive two minutes in the foreboding, swords-and-dungeons world of Dark Souls, I must seem unnecessarily worried about how difficult the game will be.
Demon's Souls, Dark Souls' predecessor, was as much known for its brutal level design and lack of save points as it was... More »


L.A. Noire 'Isn't Complete Yet', Rockstar Says

There is a new L.A. Noire mystery: what comes next for the hit detective game? Something... but its creators won't say what just yet
"The game isn't complete yet," a Rockstar spokesperson told Kotaku when we asked them yesterday if the release of the game's final, announced piece of downloadable... More »


Fling Mini Transforms Your iPhone Into a Dual Analog Gaming Beast

iPhone touch screen controls suck, and there's only one way to fight suck: More suck. Ten One Design's suction cup mounted tactile game controller for the iPhone were created to suck your touch screen control blues away. More »


The Harry Potter Game that Never Was...Yet

Jen: So Sam, If you could have your dream HP video game, what would it be like?
Sam: Harry Potter would not be in it at all!
Jen: Hahahaha uh agreed.
Sam: I want to be an Auror hunting down death eaters, potentially before Voldemort's fall from power. More »


Resistance 3: Shoots and Ladders

The nondescript opening scenes of Resistance 3 seemed to me to fit the game: Everything is brown, bland, boring. But as I fight my way from Oklahoma to St. More »


Mario Robs Banks, Waves the Union Jack for Proper English

I thought I knew Mario, but I was wrong. Apparently Mario robs banks, dresses up like a cowboy and crushes koopas while waving the Union Jack. But why would Mario do such things? More »

Not So Fast: The New PS3 Won't Need HDMI for HD Gameplay

Good news, good news: Turns out that leaked GameStop memo about the new PS3 was real, but it was also wrong.
While Sony is indeed quietly rolling out a new PS3 model (it's called the CECH-3000 series), that model won't force you to use HDMI out to play video games in HD. More »



Playing Through The Cowboys & Aliens Video Game

There's not a whole lot of story in Absolution Training Ground, a Hogan's Alley take on upcoming movie Cowboys & Aliens, and you can pretty much unlock all of the weapons on your first play through, but it's still kinda fun.
You can check the game out for yourself over on the official page for the... More »


Death Revisits EA Servers In August, Taking Army of Two, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Skate & More Offline

Electronic Arts is performing another round of "online service shutdowns," taking dozens of multiplayer games and demos offline forever. So, if you're still playing Army of Two or Skate online, you won't have the option much longer.
The latest round of shutdowns affects games on the PlayStation 3,... More »

Zombies Welcome Their New EA Masters, Do Not Wish To Eat Their Brains At All

The undead people behind one of PopCap's most popular games, Plants Vs. Zombies, welcome EA's acquisition of their parent company with open arms, open mouths, and jagged, ichor-dripping teeth. More »



The 10 Best Moments in Pro-Gaming History

Competitive gaming and eSports are not a new phenomenon.
The act of playing games for sport has been growing in popularity since the mid 90's. From Doom 2 deathmatch, NetQuake and Descent, to Warcraft 2 on Kali, Diablo and Ultima Online PvP—to say nothing of going down to the local arcade to... More »

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