Fling Mini Transforms Your iPhone Into a Dual Analog Gaming Beast

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iPhone touch screen controls suck, and there's only one way to fight suck: More suck. Ten One Design's suction cup mounted tactile game controller for the iPhone were created to suck your touch screen control blues away.


Ten One Design creates devices that give iPads and iPhones the finger, or at least the sense that you're giving it the finger. The company that created the first capacitive styli for the iPhone takes its touchy technology and focuses it on the problem of iOS gaming. After great success on the iPad , Ten One scales things down with the Fling Mini.


The Fling Mini attaches to your iPhone screen via a pair of suction cups, placing what amounts to an analog stick over the areas where games that rely on touch screen-based joysticks would have you place your finger. The capacitive material beneath the stick doubles as your digit, only without the issues that generally arise from rubbing your fingers over a smooth screen all day long.

The Fling Mini is now shipping for the iPhone, with a two-pack running only $24.95. It's the companion to any game that let's your fingers do the walking.

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Sigh. And this is why i will ultimately buy a PS Vita. I enjoy my iphone as a smartphone, but as a gaming device? No. No, thank you. I'll happily carry my 3DS as well.

Anyway, I'll buy the Vita, if only to ensure my +1 to keeping PROPER portable consoles alive a little longer...

(and wtf is with that rear touch panel anyway? if one feature gets under-used, my money is on that.)