It looks like Crysis Warhead won't be nearly as much of a strain on our gaming PC's as the original title was. In an interview excerpt posted at German magazine site, Crytek boss Cevat Yerli promises that a PC costing around €400 ($620) should be able to crank out a consistent 30 to 35 frames per second, whereas the original Crysis would have the FPS of a View-Master on a similar machine.

Cevat goes on to say that the performance tweaks included in Warhead can eventually be applied to Crysis via patches, but don't go digging out that sad little game disc just yet. The profound changes won't be easy to implement, and Crytek is dedicating their resources to completing the follow-up before any tweaks to the original are addressed.


Crysis Warhead läuft auf einem 400-Euro-PC - In der High-Konfiguration! [PCGames.DE Via Voodoo Extreme]

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