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Crysis Creators Making Ryse, the Kinect Game for the Hardcore

Illustration for article titled emCrysis/em Creators Making emRyse/em, the Kinect Game for the Hardcore

Do you like gladiators? Do you want to fight through the fall of Rome? Ryse may be your game. The Kinect-controlled game from the makers of the Crysis first-person games revealed Ryse today at Microsoft's big Xbox press conference.


The trailer looked pre-rendered and was definitely not showing live gameplay. But what it did show was a person standing in front of their Kinect sensor, swinging their arms to control a Roman fighter who could swing his sword, block and headbutt against enemies on a bridge.

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It all sounds interesting up to the whole kinect-controlled jazz. As long as i have a choice of inputs, this may be an interesting offering — considering who's making it and all.

Just no thanks on the whole wild arm-flailing thing.