A eagle-eyed reader has spotted an ad on Craigslist for a PS3 Engine Programmer. Nothing particularly unusual in that - people occasionally use Craigslist for things other than selling unwanted gifts and soliciting prostitutes, after all. No, what is interesting about this is that the job poster is Cryptic Studios - home of quality MMOs Champions Online and Star Trek Online that - thus far - run on PC & Xbox 360 platforms.

"We have developed a flexible, cutting edge MMO platform to power games like Champions and Star Trek Online. It runs on PC and XBOX 360 - now we want to support PS3 too"

If you were thinking of applying (you will need to know about "Exploiting SPU parallelism", so don't bother if you glaze over even thinking about what that might mean) please remember that it is NOT Ok to contact Cryptic about other services, products or commercial interests. Full Time PS3 Engine Programmer Needed – Game Studio [Craigslist - thanks to Traitor Jack for the tip]