Crowd Shout From BlizzCon 2014 Is Hidden In The Warcraft Trailer

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Remember the moment when last year, director Duncan Jones recorded Alliance and Horde war cries in the audience for the Warcraft movie? The Alliance one is already in the first trailer.


It’s not easy to find it due to the music and the sounds effects, but it’s right there.

But first, here’s the moment from last year’s BlizzCon when director Duncan Jones and Chris Metzen ask the audience for loud “For the Alliance!” shouts. (at the 44:53 mark)

And here it is in the movie trailer, cropped out by YouTuber Tolkfan so we can hear it clearly:

We now just have to wait for the movie to find the “For the Horde” shout.

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This trailer looks great. I hope they make it clear that both sides are doing what they believe is best and that the audience will be forced to take sides. Not like Star Wars, where good and evil is pretty clear cut