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Criterion Snobs Love The PS3 (For Its Blu-ray Playback)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Film buffs know the Criterion Collection label for its foreign films, niche releases and attention to detail and film quality, but you may be a little bit surprised to learn that they opt for the PlayStation 3 when it comes to Blu-ray playback. Sure, the PS3 has been lauded for its Blu-ray capabilities, but Criterion approval will still have some of Sony's more smug hardware engineers and execs feeling good about themselves. The label doesn't have any Blu-ray content commercially available yet — its planning to release classics like The Last Emperor, The 400 Blows and Bottle Rocket on the Sony approved format this fall. We wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the Criterion employees making corporate theater room decisions is using it off-hours to play some Metal Gear Solid 4 on their 123" screen. Criterion Collection's reference Blu-ray player is a PS3 [Crave via Giz]