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Cricket Coming Back To Consoles

Illustration for article titled Cricket Coming Back To Consoles

Ever since the Wii debuted, it's been crying out for a cricket game. It's got baseball, so why not cricket? And ever since Peter Moore took over EA, he's been talking niche sports games.


There's no better way to bring the two together than with EA's Cricket '09, which has leaked into the public consciousness via a rating for the game on Australia's Classification Board website.


It's listed as a multiplatform title, and is apparently being handled by EA Sports Canada, the same team previous EA cricket titles have been developed by (though which we haven't seen a new version of for a while).

Being multiplatform, they'd be mad not to include a Wii game. Mad.

EA Sports does Wii Cricket? [CVG]

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So, I'm assuming the PS3/360 versions are going to be better, if it is multiplatform?

Personally I don't know much about cricket.

But I do wonder why they decided to call it "cricket".

Baseball, football, I can understand.

But if the sport is actually named after the insect, can someone explain why? lol