Nowhere is safe from Hentai (Pervert) Woody. Nowhere!

Ebay user gil4011 figured out a way to make his Ebay listings more interesting: the infamous Revoltech Woody—aka "Creepy Woody" or "Hentai Woody."

Sometimes Woody's appearances are totally innocuous. Like this:

Sometimes, they're helpful:

Sometimes, he has friends:

Then, there's the Creepy Woody you know and, perhaps, love:

Or not!

Oh goodness. Why?

The listings tend to have little Creepy Woody scenes, played out in a series of photos:

After being taking off the shelves, Creepy Woody went back on sale in Japan last year. The internet is a more interesting place for of it.

Where will Woody show up next?

gil4011 [Ebay Thanks, Zion!]

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