Creepy Little Girl Terrorizes DayZ

I've seen some creepy video game shenanigans in my time— for instance, Grand Theft Auto V's silent, ruthlessly determined serial killer. This, however, might just take the cake.


This is actually pretty ingenious. Lycku created a soundboard of Scylla, a little girl from popular action-MOBA SMITE. Then he, for lack of a better word, unleashed it on an unsuspecting DayZ populace. Out of context, Scylla's lines range from weird to downright terrifying.

Seriously, I knew exactly what was going on, and I was creeped out by this video. The players Lycku pranced circles around— manically giggling and saying things like, "grandmother will like that" all the while—had no idea what to do. So first they fled in terror while shouting things like, "WHY ARE YOU SO CREEPY." She simply pursued, slowly and calmly, without a hint of obvious violent intent. Then they tried offering their seemingly deranged new friend their shoes. At one point they even contemplated using her to strike terror into the hearts of their enemies.

It was all very... well, it was certainly something. Lesson learned: if I'm ever playing DayZ and hear a strange little girl cackling behind me—pleased as punch that she just punched someone until their heart stopped—I'm just gonna quit, go to a park, and pray to the sun that it never gets dark outside ever again.

Then I'll remember that this whole video took place during the day, and nothing will be good ever again.


Mel Franklin

Literally lol'd "WHY ARE YOU SO CREEPY.