Creepy Jerk Arrested for Illicit Photos. He Tried To Blame Video Games.

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In years past, video games have been scapegoats. Need something to blame social problems on? Blame video games. This is changing, sure, but that doesn't mean people still don't try to do it. Heck, even suspected criminals do.


On April 30, a 38 year-old Osaka City bureaucrat was arrested for taking upskirt photos of a young, 20-something woman at Universal Studios Japan. He apparently hid a small camera in a paper shopping bag to get his snaps.

This isn't a first for the Osaka employee. In 2006, he was arrested at a super market for taking peeping pics and was suspended from work for two months.

"It wasn't that I forgot I was arrested for taking Peeping Tom photos, it's just that taking them was like playing a video game," he said. Um. Really?

Online in Japan, people are wondering why the hell this bureaucrat wasn't immediately fired after this incident and pointing out that his logic sounds, well, stupid. The bureaucrat wasn't fired after this latest arrest, either. Instead, he voluntarily stepped down. Tax dollars at work!

「ゲーム感覚で大丈夫だと…」 USJで盗撮の大阪市職員が免職 [Yahoo! News Japan]

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Someone in Japan doing something perverted? Gee whiz, that's almost unheard of...