Creep Stalks Hot Topic Employee On Facebook, Gets Served

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This Facebook exchange between two strangers begins as many Facebook exchanges between random dudes and female retail clients go.


We lead off with a fairly standard exercise in online stalking. Man walks into store, sees a girl he likes, uses mutual friend to get personal details on girl then private messages her on Facebook.

"I'm a nice guy", "You ever gonna message me back?", "If you were a fictional character you would be Ramona Flowers", etc. All this (and much more) from a man who walks into a Hot Topic store wearing a trenchcoat and fedora.

The target's response to his repeated advances could have been to ignore him. To fend him off. Instead, she goes on the offensive.

"If you have to tell someone you're a nice guy, you're doing something wrong". Wonderful. Can we get translated into latin and hung over the entrance to the internet?

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had to shut a bitch down today [pimpunderthemountain]



DISCLAIMER: You may not agree with what I have to say here. What you read may piss you off. I'm fine with that. In fact, I'm so fine with it that I've decided that I won't even challenge what you reply back with. Why? I'm done arguing about this with people. I've heard your views and the reasoning you use to support it. I still don't agree with it, after being told more times than I can count. With that said, I hope people read this and learn something.

I hate to be the one to say this, but I'm going to. This was posted here, not because it necessarily fits in with the topic of gaming and game related information, but because this is the place this story needed to be heard. I've witnessed comments on this site, and similar sites, that lead me to believe that this community needs to read more of these kinds of stories.

Personally, I'm sick of gaming sites ignoring the blatant sexism that often goes on in the comment sections of stories like this, and most things posted by the non-male members of the writing staff. I especially hate it when an article that is written by a woman, that some jerk doesn't agree with, gets dismissed based on the fact that she is a woman. Any time a story pops up that challenges some of these assholes' views of how women in their world are, they get defensive and throw tantrums.

We need to quit excusing the problem by saying she should have "let him down easy." This girl did the right thing. What he did was not, by any means, alright to do. They didn't know each other, at all. This girl only recalled a single conversation with him, and it sounds like it wasn't anything different than having a conversation with any other customer. This guy was being a creep. He's a stalker.

Honestly, this might even be good for him. Hopefully, what he gleans from this isn't the nonsense some of you jerks are throwing out there. What he should learn is that his behavior was unacceptable, and this was the best way to learn that. He couldn't take the hint, and he needed to be dropped hard.