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Creep Stalks Hot Topic Employee On Facebook, Gets Served

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This Facebook exchange between two strangers begins as many Facebook exchanges between random dudes and female retail clients go.

We lead off with a fairly standard exercise in online stalking. Man walks into store, sees a girl he likes, uses mutual friend to get personal details on girl then private messages her on Facebook.


"I'm a nice guy", "You ever gonna message me back?", "If you were a fictional character you would be Ramona Flowers", etc. All this (and much more) from a man who walks into a Hot Topic store wearing a trenchcoat and fedora.

The target's response to his repeated advances could have been to ignore him. To fend him off. Instead, she goes on the offensive.


"If you have to tell someone you're a nice guy, you're doing something wrong". Wonderful. Can we get translated into latin and hung over the entrance to the internet?


had to shut a bitch down today [pimpunderthemountain]