Creatorverse is One Of the Coolest Things You Can Do With an iPad

Released today by Linden Labs, Creatorverse is a playground for the inventive mind. Connect simple shapes, assigns colors, behaviors and physical properties, and then combine them into wonderful complex machines you can share with the world.


Linden Labs was once known solely for Second Life, the virtual world completely built and driven by its players. With the release of creative toys like Patterns for the PC and now Creatorverse, the developer takes lessons learned from years of running that virtual world and uses them to power the next generation of inventive interactive experiences.

With its simple bare-bones interface, Creatorverse requires a little fumbling about to get one's bearings. So far I've managed to build a simple machine that keeps a ball spinning endlessly, achieving mastery over virtual perpetual motion.

Thankfully I don't have to rely on my own creations to amuse me. The game allows players to share their creations with the Creatorverse community, allowing others to download and tweak their designs to their hearts' content.

It's an incredibly cool little toy, and one I am ill-equipped to take advantage of. It's up to you folks; show me what you've got.

Creatorverse is available on the iPad today for $4.99.