Creative Assembly: Fighting Piracy Is Pointless

What's the point of fighting PC game piracy? According to Stormrise developer Creative Assembly Australia's communications manager Vispi Bhopti, there isn't one.

Speaking in an interview with, Bhopti revealed that Creative Assembly had no plans for additional copy protection for the upcoming PC release of their new real-time strategy game Stormrise, explaining that pirates will be pirates, and them's just the breaks.

That's not that much of an issue. There's no additional thing that we're going for with that sort of stuff. That's pointless. If people are going to pirate a game they're going to pirate a game. All you can do is delay the piracy, really. But that's just the nature of the beast. We are a PC developer, that's where we started, so you do what you gotta do.


Hell, I'd even take things a step further here and say that the tougher the digital rights management include with your game, the more likely it is that people will pirate it, just to show that they can. Game pirates are almost like muggers. Just hand over the goods, and nobody gets hurt.

Creative Assembly: Piracy 'nature of the beast' []

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