Creating Some Of The Best Video Game Menus Ever

Graphic designer Joe Kowalski gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into creating what some consider the best video game menu ever made.


While I might not have been overly fond of Brutal Legend's mix of action and strategy game play, I'd say the opening menu is indeed one of the greatest menus in the history of video games. I'd proclaim it the very best, like Giant Bomb did last year, but that would just start a giant commenting flame war, and I'm not here to start a war.

The Latest Reel [Kowalski's Website via The Design Observer Group]

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As cool looking as this menu is, when you actaully start trying to use it, it's pretty unweildy. It has all these different layers that you have to dig into and out of to do anything. Simply, to many menu layers.

I have to say one of my favorite menus recently is Nier. Well organized, not a lot of layers. I especially like the "quick menu" options mapped to the up and down D-Pad buttons.

Menus should be about ease-of-use, not coolness.