Crazy Women, Stay Away from This Dude

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You think only male nerds are scary? Wrong! Japanese voice actor Shinnosuke Tachibana is so freaked out by some of his female fans that he actually asked them to stop tailing him.


As pointed out by Japanese site OtaNews, late last week Tachibana, who does voice work for Inazuma Eleven and Konami dating games, uploaded a post titled "A Slightly Serious Chat..."

In it, he noted that he's become busier. That means he has more and more fans—something that he says makes him glad.

Noting several incidents that have arisen, Tachibana announced a rule: "I'd like you to stop waiting for me as I leave and arrive as well as seeing me off at the train station."

The 33-year-old voice actor was very clear: "Let me say it again gently, 'I do not like this.'" He also added that it's a nuisance for those who work with him.

Not sure if telling diehard fans on your website not to wait works better than, say, a restraining order, but I guess Tachibana will find out.

声優の立花慎之介さん、一部ファンにお願い「入り待ち、出待ち、駅などでのお見送りを止めていただきたい」 [OtaNews]

(Top photo: 立花慎之介)


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How rude. You won't catch me stalking you anymore, pal.