This is a real commercial for a real piece of hardware. It's for TrackingPoint, a company that makes laser-guided rifles.

The clip above is billed as a "3D Video game-style teaser". You'd think the idea of sci-fi rifles turning real combat into a video game would be the craziest thing about it, but nope. For one, the timeline is a little confusing (shouldn't the grown son of an Afghanistan vet be shooting at aliens from a flying car?). And secondly, hunting for food and keeping cougars away from livestock? What is this, 1850?


Going back to the guns, though, from a purely technical point of view, it's some fascinating tech. The more you see of it, the more you realise why they went with a video game-themed commercial.

Especially since their live-action demonstrations are...unsavoury.

The tech, which they call PGF (Precision Guided Firearm), works just like a video game sniper rifle, allowing the user to "tag" targets, after which a computer system calculates all the variables involved (wind speed, target movement, etc) and tells you whether your shot is going to hit or not.


At least it does in theory.

Even PGF's info page reads like a game manual, right down to the icon system that looks like something you'd bring up with a d-pad.


[via Geekologie]

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