Crazy Gun Toting PS3 Family Man Arrested

Earlier this month, a man walked into an EB Games outside St. Louis, pulled a gun and told the clerk his family was being held hostage and that he needed a PS3 to set them free. Good news! The police have apprended the man, his gun and the PS3. According to the police, the man's family was never in danger. According to us, the man is bonkers. What else we learned: When the police originally were called about the crime, they arrived on the scene 37 seconds later as they have a station near that particular EB Games. 37 seconds? That's fast, but not crazy fast as the man, his gun and the PS3 had already fled the scene. Man Who Claimed He Stole Playstation To Save His Family Arrested [KSDK Thanks, dae_giovanni!]


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