Crazy Dude Tearing Off Women's Underpants

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There is a stream of reports of women having their underwear forcibly torn off of them. No, this isn't Akiba's Trip. This is real—and frightening.

According to Nippon TV, a man called out to his victims as they minded their own business, walking down the street. Then suddenly, he forcibly lifted their skirts, peeled off their underwear, and ran away, panties in tow. There have been over ten cases of this in Yokohama's southern port.

Since the M.O. is similar in all cases, police believe that one man could be responsible.


女性歩行者の下着奪う事件相次ぐ [Livedoor]

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Just wondering the Kotaku link here.

Weirdo attacking women in Japan.

Lots of weird stuff in Japan —lots of video games, too.

Kotaku is a video game blog.

Ergo, run this story?