Crayon Physics Pre-Orders Come To Life

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Crayon Physics Deluxe, the 2008 Independent Games Festival Grand Prize Winner, is getting dangerously close to release, and to prepare for the waxy buildup that is sure to ensue, creator Petri Purho has launched a brand new website for the game and is now actively accepting pre-orders. What does a pre-order of Crayon Physics get you? How about $5 off the already ridiculously low price of $20, plus a guaranteed spot in the Crayon Physics Deluxe beta? I declare it not too shabby indeed. In case you are wondering what Crayon Physics Deluxe is all about, you can check out the new website where Petri's posted a neat video of the gameplay in action. It's a little bit The Incredible Machine, and a little bit Simon, whose things he draws come true. It's brilliance. Crayon Physics Deluxe [Official Website]


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I don't know - I'm not a big fan. I'm usually all for artistic games in genres removed from the mainstream. However, this just doesn't feel like much of a game to me.

Yes, it's an awesome little physics toy. Something that every kid dreams about being able to do around with while drawing with crayons.

However, there's really not much game to it - calling it a "2D physics puzzle game" is a bit strong in my opinion. From what I've played in demos and clones, and what I've seen in the trailer, pretty much every level consists of:

- Draw some basic landscape connecting the ball to the goal.

- Drop something on-top of the ball to get it rolling towards the goal.

- End.

I fail to see the fun in that. Maybe if there were stricter requirements, or more inventive solutions required... but as is, I don't really see any challenge or point to it (aside, as I mentioned, as a neat little physics toy).