Crawling Inside This Video Game Is Strangely Peaceful

My copy of Destiny didn't arrive yesterday, so I had to scramble to find something else to play, what with my schedule having been cleared to play Destiny. So I sat down with Ultraworld instead. Lucky me.

It's an open-world exploration game, one where you play someone inside a video game, tasked with helping out one of the game's characters. Which usually involves walking around to find stuff, which will open up further areas to explore.

What I like about Ultraworld is that you're always being given entirely new areas to soak up. The different areas of the "game" you visit are made up of wildly different colours, shapes and even visual effects, making your wandering a way more varied and interesting than other games of this type.


A few other notes: it might look like a simple Unity game, but it's actually running on Cryengine. And it's not available on Steam, either: if you want to try it out you can grab a copy from the game's own site (it's around $15, but pricing varies depending on your local currency).

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