Ruffian Games' sequel to Xbox 360 hit Crackdown will feature scores of mutants and highly customizable playable agents, but one thing it won't feature is the option to play as a female.

Crackdown 2, like the first, is a dudes only affair, according to Ruffian Games' creative director Billy Thomson. He tells 1UP that in order to include the option to play as the fairer sex, "we would've needed to massively reduce other sections of the game."


That's a unfortunately familiar story for those of us who prefer to play less butch, when given the chance. (What about it?)

For the Crackdown 2 player who was planning on doing their sandbox-style shooting as a fella anyway, the good news is that Ruffian "gave the player as much customization as we could on the male character and that allowed us to use that extra memory to do other things in the game."

The sequel still affords players the opportunity to run into at least one important female protagonist, however, who the developers tease will become "very important for Crackdown as a franchise."


Sorry, Ladies: No Female Avatars in Crackdown 2 [1UP]

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