Cowboys & Aliens Director Says His Job Is Like Playing Red Dead Redemption All Day

Future summer blockbuster Cowboys & Aliens—based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name—may draw some influence from another Western, Rockstar Games San Diego's Red Dead Redemption.

Director Jon Favreau—of Iron Man film directing fame—says that he and star Daniel Craig "kicked off" filming of next year's sci-fi Western mash-up with a little Red Dead Redemption play time, according to /Film. Favreau equates directing his next movie with exploring the open-world tale of John Marston's revenge.


"I'm basically playing Red Dead Redemption every day, except I'm telling Daniel [Craig] ‘go left, go right' instead of using a joystick," Favreau tells /Film. Seemingly referring again to Craig, the current James Bond, Favreau says "We were playing that game together, it's how we kicked off [the film]."

Given that Cowboys & Aliens is based on pre-existing work and star writers are responsible for its screenplay, it's doubtful that any Red Dead influence will be noticeable on the film. But we'll be keeping an eye out for undead horses, just in case.

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