Counter-Strike Adds Buyable Glove Skins

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Gun skins, knife skins, and sprays not enough for you? Wait, really? Well OK then, Counter-Strike’s got you (and your hands) covered.


As part of the latest big Counter-Strike update, Valve added a Glove Case, with 24 cosmetic glove skins as special items. They look pretty snazzy, ranging from dirt bike couture to “I saw a snake and decided I wanted that snake to be my hands,” and they have cool inspect animations and all that.

While most players seem to have looked at them, shrugged, and said, “neat, I guess,” some aren’t pleased. One contingent of players doesn’t love that this is the latest big update, rather than a new Operation or something else more substantial. As with sprays earlier this year, Valve has once again prioritized something small the people can theoretically spend an infinite amount of money on.

Others dig the idea of glove skins, but don’t love the way Valve implemented them, essentially turning them into another variation on the “hyper-rare knives and guns” theme. A lot of people were hoping for event-specific gloves, for instance ones emblazoned with eSports team designs.

We’ll see where this all ends up. Player-created glove skins maybe? If so, I will absolutely make one of notoriously average Nintendo 64 platformer character Glover. Because really, if I won’t, then who will?

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