Countdown to TGS

To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Smoked Ribs I just realized TGS is less than a month away! Can't wait. I'll be flying out a day or two early to get adjusted to the time difference. Do you think this year's Tokyo Game Show is going to have any surprises? What you missed: EA Declares Thursday The "Day Of Reckoning" Starlight, Star Not So Bright Weapons Of Migraine Development Cache Found In Dubai Take-Two Stock In Nose Dive After EA Loses Interest Would You Buy An Apple Gaming Console? Rumor: New Bungie, Rare Games Outed Next Week Metroid Prime Devs Eye 360, PS3 for Future Games

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Nintendo will have games?

You laugh at me now, but just you wait! ... just like we've been waiting for the last 2 years. *TEAR*