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Could You Record a Song Every Single Day of the Year on Your PSP? This Guy Just Did.

Illustration for article titled Could You Record a Song Every Single Day of the Year on Your PSP? This Guy Just Did.

Last year, Kotaku reader Chris Sands went through a bit of a rough patch. Undergoing complex brain surgery to help alleviate a bizarre hiccupping condition (which got him on the BBC as the star of a documentary!), he made PSP game Beaterator an integral part of his rehabilitation.


An avid musician, putting beats together on his PSP helped keep him sharp, and also provided a means for him to write and record music while his body - which wasn't yet up to the task of playing real instruments for long periods of time - recovered.


But he wasn't just going to pledge to play it every now and again, or whenever he needed to take a dump and kill five minutes. No, Chris set himself a goal: to use the game to record a song every single day for a year.

Back in 2011 that seemed bananas, but Chris let us know today that he's actually finished up, and has indeed recorded 365 songs on Rockstar's criminally-underrated music generator.

As I warned you last time, don't expect 365 all-time rock epics. But some are pretty catchy, and just as many are pretty damn funny.

You can listen to every single one of them at the link below. And Chris: congratulations!


365 Songs [Site]

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Can someone who has been following this or knows more about this point out some notable songs? I imagine in 365 songs there must be a couple of gems.