There's Nothing Like a PSP Game to Help Get Over a Brain Tumor

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Chris Sands "starred" in a 2010 BBC documentary called The Man Who Can't Stop Hiccupping. Turns out there was a reason Sands couldn't stop hiccupping: he had a rare brain tumour.


Although complex brain surgery helped set Sands on the road to recovery, it also had some nasty side-effects, like leaving large swathes of his body numb and unresponsive. Downbeat that he may never be able to play the guitar or piano again, he spent a lot of time in a hospital bed with his PSP, playing Rockstar's dangerously underrated Beaterator.

As his body slowly recovered from the surgery, Sands was able to play real instruments for short bursts of time. Not long enough to record entire songs, but long enough to record chords or riffs or sequences, which he could then drop into the game and use to make music.

The results worked so well that Sands is now embarking on an awesome project: 365 songs, in which he's going to write one song per day for a year, and record most of them on Beatorator.

You can check out some of the songs recorded so far at the link below. Warning: these are not rock epics. They are, however, sometimes pretty bloody funny. Devil in your Sink, especially.

365 Songs Project [Chris Sands, via Rockstar]

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