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Costume Quest—the Cutest Halloween Game Ever—Gets a Sequel

Illustration for article titled ​emCostume Quest/em—the Cutest Halloween Game Ever—Gets a Sequel

Kotaku called it "the best game that Double Fine has ever made." Lots of people loved it, too. And now Double Fine is making a sequel.


Indie publishing Midnight City just announced that they'll be partnering with Double Fine to release Costume Quest 2 for PC and consoles next year. From the press release:

In Double Fine's triumphant return to Auburn Pines, our candy-crazed crusaders Wren and Reynold must once again protect Halloween from untold horrors, and grown-ups! Your favorite trick-or-treaters will come armed with a new batch of costumes they wear to transform into giant super powered fantasy Hallowarriors. Yeah, we totally just made that up. Fans of the original can look forward to a sweet upgraded battle system and a story that is unmistakably Double Fine.


The original Costume Quest just hit iOS a little while ago. We'll update this story with more info as we get it.

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This made my day. The game is easily one of the best RPGs of the previous generation...even though it is short.