In the past, the Tokyo Game Show relegated cosplay to the corridors between the main convention center hallways (the upcoming TGS, apparently, will be different). Those corridors were always packed with cosplayers—and people. Sometimes things could get a little scary when cosplayers were surrounded. A little? Make that very.

The below photo is apparently from the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. Online in Japan, the image became somewhat infamous for depicting how male photographers swarmed around female cosplayers.

The latest episode of Japanese anime Photo Kano brought that meme image to life in animated form (top).

On 2ch, Japan's largest bulletin board, people are saying the anime image and the original photo are a "complete match" (kanzen ni icchi or 完全に一致). They do look alike, but the anime version, however, also seems way more sanitized.


Photo Kano, if you are not familiar, was originally a manga and then a dating simulator for the PSP. It's centered on taking pictures of females.

【これは酷い】「フォトカノ」 完全に一致wwwwwwwwwwww [2chまとめアンテナ]

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