Tart yourself up in the style of your favorite anime or video game character, ladies, and the lonely Tokyo Game Show hordes will eat you alive. Photographically, that is. When a largely bare-assed Cammy strutted her way out to Cosplay Alley, she instantly broke a dozen hearts, perhaps twice that number of zippers. Security was forced to insert itself into the situation, politely asking this top-shelf Cammy clone to move along, step to the side, attempting to stem the flow of bodily fluids from becoming a knee deep pool. It was gruesome. Clearly, the full version of this photo could be considered not safe for work — and at TGS, safe for wank — so it will have to reside after the jump.


You can expect a bombardment of master class cosplay action later, perfect for you to Save As... and view in a slideshow at your leisure.