The 4.5 star-rated Corsair Raptor M45 gaming mouse is marked down to its best price ever today. Even at this price, it includes some advanced features like single-click DPI adjustment and custom USB response time. [Corsair Raptor M45, $40]

Gamefly’s Summer Sale is currently offering up to 75% off select games and DLC. The promotion includes Battlefield 4 for $30, Resident Evil 6 for $15, Dishonored for $10, and a lot more. [Gamefly’s Summer Sale]

If you have any EA games that you need to catch up on, Origin is currently taking 70% off dozens of titles, and even offering up a few freebies. Highlights include The Sims 3, Mass Effect 3, and Dead Space 3, all for $6. [Origin Sale]

Head back to Albequerque and re-live one of the greatest TV series ever made with the complete Breaking Bad Blu-ray set for just $130. It's never been below $160 until today. That's a great deal, bitch. DVD also available for $100. [Breaking Bad: The Complete Series, $130]

We featured a great deal yesterday on old Star Trek movies, but now you can get all three seasons of the original TV series on Blu-ray for an all-time low price. [Star Trek: The Original Series, $60]

If you've been meaning to pick up a Chromecast, Amazon has it for $5 off again right now. [Google Chromecast, $30]

The Jawbone JAMBOX basically invented the market for portable Bluetooth speakers, and it still holds up well today. You can grab one right now from eBay for $75 new. It's not uncommon to see refurbs around this price, but new models are notable. [Jawbone JAMBOX, $75]

TigerDirect is currently offering great prices on a variety of Crucial SSDs. In addition to these savings, you can take an additional $15 off a $100 order by using this promo page.

Tumi luggage is expensive, but if you travel frequently, it's absolutely worth paying for quality that will last. The Tumi Vapor typically sells for full price ($495), but today you can get it for just $369. That's still not cheap, but it is a rare deal on one of the best pieces of luggage you can buy. [Tumi Vapor Carry-On, $369]

If you just can't swing that much money, a highly-rated Samsonite carry-on is also marked down to $112 today, down from a typical price of around $155. [Samsonite Dkx 2.0, $112]

Charge up all of your gadgets at once with this 5 port USB wall charger. With 40W of power, you can even add a few tablets to the mix without any slowdown. [Bolse 5-Port Wall Charger, $18 with promo code KEAB98RQ]

They might not be all that relevant any more as PC manufacturers, but damned if Dell doesn't still make great monitors. Here are several IPS display deals from around the web.

If you need to catch up on some recent Blizzard hits, Amazon today is taking 50% off select titles, including Diablo III (on PC and last-gen consoles), World of Warcraft, and Starcraft II. [Blizzard Sale]

If you're going to spend money on the Xbox Live marketplace anyway, Best Buy is handing our $5 in free credit with a $25 gift card purchase. [$25 Xbox Gift Card + $5 Bonus Credit, Best Buy]

In case you've been living under a rock, Threes! is one of the imowirebest mobile games ever conceived. It's spawned countless (far inferior) knock-offs, but you can get the original today for $1 off for Android or iOS to celebrate its 1.1 release. The Android version even includes 60 free Amazon Coins. [Threes, $2 - iOS, Android]




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