Coronavirus Has Broken Some Of NBA 2K20's Simulation

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The entire NBA season has been suspended until further notice, in a move that’s so unprecedented that NBA 2K20 just doesn’t know how to handle it.

The game has a feature called Start Today in its MyLeague mode, which lets you begin a career based on the current standings and stats of the NBA and take it from there using the actual schedule.


Today, though, if you try and start it, the game keeps trying (and failing) to simulate some results then just crashes. On the one hand, that’s pretty realistic! On the other, surely the schedule as it existed is still in there, and maybe it’s the lack of any results or stats from the last 24 hours of postponed matches since the announcement that’s causing it.

I don’t post this to criticise 2K, because nobody could have seen this coming. It’s just something to note going forward that, hey, as the measures to contain this virus keep getting stricter, we’re going to run into more weird and unforeseen consequences like this, whether in our digital lives or the real ones.

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This makes me think of another question: What’s ESPN going to be showing if there’s no sports games?