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Cops Called for Underboob Cosplay Controversy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This weekend, there was a big anime event in Singapore called Anime Festival Asia. Many cosplayers showed up. And so did the police.

According to forum Singapore HardwareZone, an older woman called the police after seeing a cosplayer dressed as the character Ryuko Matoi from popular anime Kill la Kill. The outfit was Ryuko's battle gear, which displays underboob.


HardwareZone commenters say that the older woman was apparently attending a church service (or event) in the same convention center and was offended by what she saw.

Website OnePixelJump reports the two got in an argument over the costume and that resulted in the police showing up. Apparently, no one was arrested, though the cosplayer was reportedly shaken by the entire incident.


Note: The above image was edited for the privacy of both the Kill la Kill cosplayer and the woman who complained.

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