A police officer in Shizuoka, Japan recently punched an arcade game screen, breaking it. Talk about a rage quitter.

According to MSN Japan, last month the officer was gaming at a local Iwata City arcade on his day off. While playing the game, the title of which isn't given, the 20-something year-old officer got pissed off and punched the arcade monitor. The reason? He was having trouble playing the game as he wanted.

The arcade then called the police, and the off-duty officer apologized, saying, "This is inexcusable." He is reimbursing the arcade for the damaged screen, and the game center decided not to file a police report.

Yahoo! News Japan adds that the officer then left the force at his own request later that month.

「思い通り行かない」 巡査がゲーム機壊す 静岡県警が訓戒処分 [MSN Japan]

磐田署の巡査がゲーム機壊す 静岡県警が訓戒処分 [Yahoo! News Japan]

Photo: MilsiArt/Shutterstock

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