Cooking Mama Dishes Dirt On Science Papa

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Yesterday we pinged Majesco for a comment on Activision's newly announced Science Papa title for the Wii and DS, only to have Cooking Mama herself reveal her sordid past with the science geek.


We were a bit taken aback by Activision's choice of names for their new mini-game compilation, but Mama isn't surprised. After all, she dated Science Papa back when she was Cooking Single Woman.

"So you want some dirt on "Science Papa" to splash on your site? I'll shovel it. We dated briefly (when he had much better hair). And now he clearly wants a piece of the best-selling pie by associating himself with an incredibly successful, and I'll emphasize, happily married, woman. Frankly, he never appreciated my cooking and I grew weary of his tedious "experiments." You want real mind-bending science, go figure out how to make Toulouse Cassoulet for your next dinner party of 20 and let me know how it goes, Papa.

I'm no expert, but I'd say it could very well be on. Let's just hope Science Papa isn't even better than Mama at dishing dirt.



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